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July 9, 2017

Isn’t it amazing how hearing a certain song can transport you to a different time in your life? It’s almost as if music itself is a vehicle for memories. Below are some albums that continue to be nostalgic for me.

Billy Joel, River of Dreams (running weekend errands with my Dad in his old green truck, circa 1997)

Michelle Branch, The Spirit Room (middle school sleepovers taking quizzes out of Seventeen magazine)

The Beatles, One (working at the local ice cream shop as a summer job in a beach town)

Jack’s Mannequin, Everything in Transit (driving to school senior year in a hand me down car with no heat or AC)

John Mayer, Battle Studies (junior year of college, laughing and crying about boys with my roommates)

Taylor Swift, Red (living alone in Cincinnati for 3 months with no cable T.V) 

Taylor Swift, 1989 (moving to my first NYC apartment the week Welcome To New York was released)

Waylon Jennings, The Essential Waylon Jennings (driving out east with Q)

Neil Young, Harvest (falling in love)



What songs evoke memories for you? I’d love to know!


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