Mini Makeover: Bedroom Alcove

August 22, 2016

Of all the rooms in my tiny apartment, the bedroom nook was the most neglected when it came to my decorating efforts. I’m naturally averse to color and gravitate towards clean palettes, so I ended up with the most starkly white bedroom of all time. There was nothing to catch your eye in there, which was unfortunate since you are able to see it from pretty much everywhere in the apartment. After making just a few small adjustments and spending almost $0 it has so much more warmth and visual interest.





Give it a statement piece

The whale print is my favorite, and yet I originally chose to hang it in a half hidden spot behind a kitchen chair. Placing it above the bed gives it the place of importance it deserves and brings color to the all-white walls.

Add bedding layers

All of my bedding was either white or slate gray, which looks good in an Ikea catalog but can just feel depressing and unfinished in real life. By adding a new textured pillow and knit throw blanket, the bed instantly looks cosier.

Bed Skirts for the win

I never thought about needing a bed skirt until I moved to an apartment where the bed legs (and everything I shove underneath)  were visible from my couch. For a nominal amount of money it hides everything nicely.

Style your nightstand

You definitely don’t want to put too much stuff on your nightstand (leave enough space for your book, phone, and glass of water) but there are a few items you can add to up the chic factor. I stacked some well-loved books and added a scented candle for maximum relaxation.

It’s definitely still a work in progress, but these tiny tweaks are a big improvement.

Photos by Emily Barbeau

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