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Polished Tip #2 – Find Your Wardrobe Heroines

November 19, 2016

Everyone has those mornings when you hit snooze 5 times and dread the process of showering, dressing, and getting your butt to work. To streamline these such mornings in my life, I rely heavily on what I call my “wardrobe heroines” (not heroes – they’re female, duh). These are the pieces that I reach for over and over. They make getting dressed easy, no matter the occasion. They can be dressed up for work or dinner out and dressed down for a casual weekend at home.

Your heroines can be anything – dresses, jeans, whatever – as long as you feel 100% comfortable and confident each time you wear them.

My heroines tend to be simple knit dresses, clogs, and cashmere crewneck sweaters.  What are yours?


Photo by Emily Barbeau

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