My Favorite In New York: Coffee Shops

February 20, 2017

Oh coffee, sweet nectar of productivity.

MudEast Village

When I lived in the East Village, I would sometimes wake up extra early to walk a few extra blocks to grab a pre-work latte from this amazing hole in the wall. It was also the last place I visited in the neighborhood before moving out (literally got a cup of coffee and then drove away in the moving van crying). It’s a true neighborhood hangout and has that undeniable village vibe – rumor has it Jimi Hendrix used to live in the basement.

Regular VisitorsBrooklyn

When I moved to Boerum Hill, this coffee place/general store became my new local go-to. I love to spend a lazy morning perusing their collection of homegoods and beauty products, then grabbing a coffee and sitting at the marble counter by the window.

Little CollinsMidtown East

Working in midtown Manhattan has its challenges (crowds, traffic, general grossness) but no struggle is greater than trying to find a decent non-chain coffee place. Enter Little Collins, an Australian coffee shop that pumps out delicious cappuccinos and lattes. They also have a phenomenal avocado toast if you’re looking for a quick breakfast or snack.

Photo credit from top to bottom: Original photo by Emily Barbeau; thcorcorangroup via FourSquare;

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