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Love & Life

Goodbye Summer. Hello Fall.

September 11, 2016

Things I’ll miss about summer:

Sunlight until 8pm.

Salt air breezes.

Brunch / Lunch / Dinner outside.

Living in easy sundresses.

Things that make me excited for fall: 

Temperatures below 80 degrees.

Snuggling with a blanket, tea and a book.

Driving out to the the North Fork with the changing leaves.

Living in jeans and boots.


Photo by Emily Barbeau

Love & Life

Clean It Up

August 29, 2016

Today we’re gonna get real sexy up in here and talk about cleaning. I have not always been tidy. And though I can’t necessarily say I now enjoy scrubbing the bathroom, I am unable to look past dirtiness like I once was (say, in college). It can be tempting to buy a specialty cleaner for each surface of your home, but in reality we would all do better to look to the tried and true methods that have been used for generations. In my experience they are just as effective as commercial cleaning products. They are also a hell of a lot cheaper, take up less space, and don’t include any nasty dangerous chemicals. Here are my powerhouse cleaning ingredients and the best ways to use them:

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Love & Life

Summer Reading

August 24, 2016

Every summer I make a list of books I need to read that end up being almost as long as a novel itself. I have every intention of getting through a book a week but then, real life happens. Here are the books I actually made it through and my thoughts on each:

The Girls, Emma Cline

This was the most “anticipated” book that I read this summer, and it didn’t disappoint. Loosely based on the Manson cult murders in the late 1960’s, Cline’s protagonist Evie somehow manages to remain relatable. It was creepy in the best possible way. Just don’t read it right before bed.

The Magicians, Lev Grossman

I love Harry Potter and the Narnia series (nerd alert) so I really really wanted to like this series, said to be the more “adult” version of children’s magical fantasies. I just couldn’t get into it and found a lot of the teenage angst irritating.

River Of Darkness, Rennie Airth

I am a huge fan of British murder mysteries, and this one was such a page turner.I loved how it included the perspective of both the detective and the murderer and delved into the mindset surrounding the crimes in a time when the police deeply mistrusted psychology as a science.

Modern Lovers, Emma Straub

I really enjoyed Straub’s latest, which deals with the emotions and heartbreaks of teenagers and their parents as they come of age in Brooklyn. Such a fun, sweet, and entertaining read.

I’m currently working on Love & Friendship, an unfinished Jane Austen work that Whit Stillman has kindly completed. Only a few more weeks of summer left!


Are any of you reading anything awesome? I’d love to know!


Photo by Emily Barbeau