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October 16, 2016

I’ve been loving this crisp fall weather we’ve been having lately. I’ve been making delicious cold weather food (chili, stew, roast chicken) and made the switch from rosé to cabernet. Here are some cool things I saw floating around the web this week:

A City of Women (via Erin)

LOL at the typical outfit the decade you were born in

Things that make no sense to us type As

Dying to try this Thai place in my neighborhood


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Emily’s Eyes

October 3, 2016

This past weekend was cold and rainy, and it was kind of amazing. I didn’t feel guilty about staying in and snuggling up with a good book. When it cleared up I took my first Citibike ride, which was such a fun (and fast! ) way to get around the neighborhood. Hopefully we have some more nice fall weather so I can use it to explore even more.

Below are some things that caught my eye around the internet this week. Enjoy!

How do you begin a creative career? Just start. 

A guide to buying better.

One pot recipes for the win

If this shirt comes back in stock, it will be mine. 


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Emily’s Eyes

September 2, 2016

This week had me in full on crazy mode, and I can’t believe it’s already September! This weekend I’m looking forward to a family party on Saturday and then just hanging out and relaxing. Enjoy your Labor Day, and soak up the last bits of summer!

DIY Gin & Tonic Bar, right this way

A simple yet impactful home office makeover

Trader Joe’s cooking hacks, courtesy of my blog crush Joanna

An awesome and inspiring perspective on our shopping addictions

A summer to make mistakes


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Emily’s Eyes

August 21, 2016

When I started the blog, I told myself I would have a new Emily’s Eyes post live every Friday. After not meeting that goal three weeks in a row I modified it to every other Friday. And yet between company picnics, time at the beach, and life’s little distractions, I’m writing this one on Sunday. I promise to be better.

How to style your denim 

The most beautiful office

How to not go broke living in a city

Inspiring dorm room design 

A colorful and quick dinner 


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Neighborhood Tour: Mattituck, NY

August 16, 2016

This weekend in New York was hot. Like, really hot. So hot that summer activities in NYC which would normally be enjoyable, like hanging out in the park or taking a stroll, became unbearable.

On these types of weekends, I run away.

I was blessed to be able to spend my childhood summers on the North Fork of Long Island at a family beach house. My siblings and I enjoyed long days filled with swims in the bay, games of running bases, and meals made up of the freshest that the farm stand and the fish market had to offer.

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Emily’s Eyes

August 5, 2016

This week flew by. I went back to work after taking a long vacation, and I also managed to pack in a Pure Barre class, the Lumineers concert in Prospect Park, and seeing Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up show at the Beacon Theater, which was so hilarious my face still hurts from laughing. This weekend I plan on having no plans, which is just the way I like it.

In between all of those activities, here are some fun things I found floating around the internet:

Places to pretend you’re Parisian in NYC

Top 20 Seinfeld Moments

The straw bag I’m currently toting everywhere

7 Phrases to stop saying at work


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