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Conscious Style: Clothing & Accessories

September 27, 2017

I love shopping. Whether it’s for clothes, housewares, or beauty products, I love trying new looks and experimenting with styling options. I’ve been a professional in the retail industry for over 4 years, and overall it’s been a dream job.  Each day I create assortments and use my sartorial eye with the goal of tempting customers to buy more and more.

And yet, this last year has really been a turning point for me in how I think and feel about shopping. Through documentaries and graduate certificate work at The Fashion Institute of Technology, I’ve learned so much about the havoc that the fashion industry has on the planet and the most vulnerable people who live on it. According to The Business of Fashion, the garment industry is the second most polluting in the world, second only to oil. Fashion has been responsible for the exploitation of child labor in developing countries and contributes millions of pounds of waste to landfills each year.

So what is a fashion lover to do? The simple solution is not to shop. And yet we still need the occasional dress. And new sheets. And chapstick.

Luckily there are so many amazing companies that take responsible production and sustainable business practices seriously. Gone are the days when “eco fashion” meant a hemp shapeless sack. The options out there are stylish and functional, and the best part? You can feel good purchasing them by knowing your money is supporting a company that cares about the world we live in.

This 3 part series will showcase some of my favorite sustainable style sources for clothing, home decor, and beauty. We’re kicking it off with clothing and accessories.

Amour Vert

This French inspired brand is manufactured in the U.S. using non toxic dyes, sustainable fabrics, and a zero-waste philosophy. Their clothing is beautiful and feminine, featuring silk tops, classic denim, and pretty dresses. First time customers get 10% off their order.

Must Have Pick: Piper Dress


Coining the phrase “radical transparency”, Everlane is completely up-front with consumers about the factories they use for production and the markups that they charge. The brand focuses on affordable basics that are timeless in design. I personally own and love several of their basic tees and tanks.

Must Have Pick: Silk Short Sleeve Square Shirt


This jewelry brand’s supply chain innovation allows artisans unable to earn enough in their home country to have access to technology in order to sell their goods abroad. The jewelry is affordable and stunning. First time customers get 15% off.

Must Have Pick: Petite Sabi Outline Studs


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Style & Beauty

Polished Tip #2 – Find Your Wardrobe Heroines

November 19, 2016

Everyone has those mornings when you hit snooze 5 times and dread the process of showering, dressing, and getting your butt to work. To streamline these such mornings in my life, I rely heavily on what I call my “wardrobe heroines” (not heroes – they’re female, duh). These are the pieces that I reach for over and over. They make getting dressed easy, no matter the occasion. They can be dressed up for work or dinner out and dressed down for a casual weekend at home.

Your heroines can be anything – dresses, jeans, whatever – as long as you feel 100% comfortable and confident each time you wear them.

My heroines tend to be simple knit dresses, clogs, and cashmere crewneck sweaters.  What are yours?


Photo by Emily Barbeau


Emily’s Eyes

October 3, 2016

This past weekend was cold and rainy, and it was kind of amazing. I didn’t feel guilty about staying in and snuggling up with a good book. When it cleared up I took my first Citibike ride, which was such a fun (and fast! ) way to get around the neighborhood. Hopefully we have some more nice fall weather so I can use it to explore even more.

Below are some things that caught my eye around the internet this week. Enjoy!

How do you begin a creative career? Just start. 

A guide to buying better.

One pot recipes for the win

If this shirt comes back in stock, it will be mine. 


Photo by Emily Barbeau

Style & Beauty

Fall Fashion List

September 15, 2016

September always feels like the beginning of something new. The air feels crisp and we can wear pants and layers without feeling like we’re sweating to death!

All of this cooler weather puts me in a shopping mood. Here are the pieces I’m currently coveting:

A pair of cropped flare jeans

Black pointed toe booties

A classic grey cashmere sweater

Every single sweater dress

However,  I may have to put this shopping list aside for a while – just treated myself to the Gucci loafers above 🙂


Photo by Emily Barbeau

Style & Beauty

Wardrobe Must Have

August 27, 2016

Recently we had a dress code change at work and are now allowed to wear denim in the office (huzzah)! But the thought of wearing my go-to skinnies when the temperature is above 90 degrees is enough to give me heatstroke.

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Emily’s Eyes

August 21, 2016

When I started the blog, I told myself I would have a new Emily’s Eyes post live every Friday. After not meeting that goal three weeks in a row I modified it to every other Friday. And yet between company picnics, time at the beach, and life’s little distractions, I’m writing this one on Sunday. I promise to be better.

How to style your denim 

The most beautiful office

How to not go broke living in a city

Inspiring dorm room design 

A colorful and quick dinner 


Photo by Emily Barbeau

Style & Beauty

On Repeat

July 29, 2016

You know when you see a piece of clothing online or in a magazine and you are like YES, that is going to be mine and will make my body look perfect and everything will be amazing? And then you finally pull the trigger and buy it and you try it on and it looks AWFUL?

This is not one of those pieces.

I purchased this red striped dress from Madewell last week and I have worn it 7 times. SEVEN. It is just the most perfect, pop over your head summertime dress and works for the office, running errands, grabbing drinks, and anything in between. Everyone from my co-workers to my boyfriend’s Nana has exclaimed over how flattering it is. And when Nana says it’s good, you know it’s good.

Also, can we talk about that model’s hair? Perfection.

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