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December 11, 2017

Winter time is snuggle time in my book. Amid the crazy whirlwind of parties and events that the holiday season brings, I schedule my spare time to be all about relaxation. December is for:

Baking treats (recently gluten free for me)

Watching the snow fall outside while snuggled on the couch with tea. Or wine.

Viewing parties of this movie on repeat

Wrapping gifts a bit more responsibly with this paper

Bundling up with my tried and true cold weather accessory (on sale!)


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Love & Life

Gifts That Give Back

December 18, 2016

With all of the general hullaballoo that surrounds the holiday season, perhaps the most stressful element is thinking of the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Instead of going the usual route of running to the mall at the last second, I suggest we take the time to be more considerate and thoughtful. And since this is the season of giving, why not take it a step further and purchase gifts that give back to the world around us? 

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